2019-20 Registration Form

Please complete IN FULL, print, sign and remit to:

Premier Skating Group
42 Fullerton Crescent
Markham, Ontario
L3R 3G5

Course Details:

Student Details:

This school reserves the right to place any student in the group/class which in the schools opinion, best suits the skaters ability. Grading is thus based on ability and not age. Any cancellations are at the sole discretion of this school, and any resulting rebates are subject to an administration charge of 15% of the applicable fees. Refunds will ONLY be considered for medical reasons, and MUST be received by this office IN WRITING along with a physicians certificate. This school reserves the right to vary, amend, modify or cancel any & all parts of this program without notice.

This school further reserves the right to use any picture(s) taken during the courses for advertising purposes. The undersigned parent/guardian of the above named student further authorizes PREMIER SKATING GROUP its associated companies and/or its representatives to obtain any medical aid that may be required by the said student, as a result of an injury sustained during the course and the undersigned hereby releases, indemnifies and saves harmless PREMIER SKATING GROUP   and its associated companies, also their representatives from any and all claims for loss and/or injury, howsoever caused.

GST/HST # 813080058RT0001

  • Applications are accepted on a first come first served basis. Unfortunately spaces may not be held over the telephone.
  • We do not accept post dated cheques
  • Any returned cheques are subject to an administration charge of $25.00.

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